Online scientific computing platform

Run scientific computing code at on-demand server.

What is Ganjin project?

Based on the virtual machine computing technology, Ganjin project aims to provide an online platform for scientific computing.

Ganjin project will release standard computing images every year to make sure that all codes can be run smoothly on specified environment.

Publish your project of academic research results on, and everyone can easily repeat your codes and results.


Fully configurable computing

Your code can be executed with fully customized environment.

  • The virtual machine with specified CPU, memory, hard disk configuration.
  • Languages such as C/C++, Python, Octave, ...
  • Jupyter computing notebook supported.

Project management

Upload and manage your codes on, in a private or public way.

Detailed description of your project

Introduce your project by a well-documented '' file.

Run demo code right now.

Virtual machines are ready to run your code online all the time.

Getting Started

Please first run the public projects at Ganjin site, without installing any software on your own computer.

Our team

A team with enthusiasm in both mathematics and scientific computing.

Roger Garfield

LIU Xuefeng

Faculty of Niigata University

Research field: scientific computing of partial differential equation and the error estimation theories.
Keyword: finite element method, numerical analysis, computer-assisted proof.

Roger Garfield

SHAO Wenbing

A PHD student

Currently studying at the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China. He has strong interest in website development, and has completed some online calculation projects under the guidance of Professor Liu Xuefeng.

Nakano River

Nakano Taiga

A PHD student

Research: finite element method, numerical analysis. He is also involved in the development of the examples at Ganjin project.


Everything you need to know before you get started

What is Ganjin?

The name "Ganjin" comes from a Chinese monk who helped to propagate Buddhism in Japan at Tang dynasty.[Wikipedia]. The Ganjin project aims to broadcast the knowledge of scientific computing by providing an easy-to-use online computing platform.

What is the significance of this site?

There are many online computing services available, such like Google Colab, CoCalc, Binder. Ganjin project aims to provide standard computing environments to make it easier to repeat shared project codes. Also, Ganjin project focuses on scientific computing, especially the ones in the field of classical numerical analysis, for example, the computation of the finite element method.

I have some question ...

Please contact Xuefeng LIU( if you have any problem or some interesting computing examples to share.

How to publish online computing examples??

It can be a Jupyter Notebook and general computation codes. The Jupyter notebook is natively supported over JupyterLab. Linux terminal is also available through web browsers.

How to run code on

The system provides two ways for online computing.
Notebook: The computation examples along with running codes and detailed explanation are both included in computable notebooks. This kind of computing is based on the software developed in Jupyter projects.
Free page: The computing code is dynamically loaded into computing server and the demonstration code will be executed. Both the running codes and the control pages can be freely customized. (To come soon)

Is free?

We try to provide free services to general users, and the cost is to be covered by the donation of users. Higher performance computing will be asked to pay extra fees.