• System Development
  • Usage Agreement
  • Privacy Protection

System Development

  • The Ganjin.online system is developed and operated by LiuLab@Tokyo Woman's Christian University.
  • We show appreciation to SHAO Wenbing@USTC for his contribution in the early stage of the system developing.
  • There are also thanks to members of LiuLab for their active usage of Ganjin.online and helpful feedbacks.

Usage Agreement

About service

  • All the projects published or saved on Ganjin.online are limited to the ones related to the communitation of scientific computing. The site manager has the privilege to close any project upon his judgement on the content.
  • In case of heavy use of certain project, the system will stop the service to the project until the problem is solved.
  • There is no warranty of the availability of service at all the time. The site does not take any responsibility for data missing due to the technical problems (code bug, mistakes in system management, e.t.c.).

About public projects

  • All the public project will be open to all users visiting Ganjin.online.
  • Ganjin.online may group and display selected projects on the site.
  • User has full copyright of his own public and private projects. He has the privilege to freely state the condition for the usage of his public and private projects.
For any other question, please contact xfliu.math@gmail.com .
[First created on 2020/05/14; Revised on 2021/04/26, 2023/11/03.]

Privacy protection

  • All the private information of users collected in this site is limited to the system management usage.
  • The user has the privilege to remove his own information and files from Ganjin.online.
[First created on 2020/05/14; Revised on 2021/04/25.]